Category: Past conferences

Europe in Action 2015 in Rome

Inclusion Europe and Anffas welcomed more than 350 participants to the Europe in Action conference. The event, which took place in Rome on 21 and 22 May, addressed effective and innovating ways of strengthening the self-advocacy movement at local, regional and national levels, while discussing the impact of self-advocacy on families. Read about the conference here.

Europe in Action 2014 in Belfast

An intellectual difficulty is not a loving difficulty. The touching words of a parent with an intellectual disability perfectly summarized Inclusion Europe’s 2014 Europe in Action Conference. Entitled Growing up with an intellectual disability, this year’s international conference, which took place in Belfast on 15-17 May, discussed the unique challenges and opportunities of bringing up children with disabilities, and offered resources for parents with or without disabilities themselves. Read about…

Europe in Action 2013 Ljubljana

During the 2013 annual conference of Inclusion Europe, self-advocates, their families, organisations, service-providers and public authorities gathered in Ljubljana to celebrate the increasing longevity of people with intellectual disabilities. Read an article here.

Europe in Action 2012 in Brussels

Strategies to increase employment opportunities for workers with intellectual disabilities in the mainstream labour market were under the spotlight during Inclusion Europe’s annual conference held in Brussels. Read an article about it here.

Europe in Action 2011, Larnaca

“Family Action for the Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Society” was the central theme of the Europe in Action 2011 in Larnaca, Cyprus. Two and a half-day conference provided an opportunity for mutual exchange of views and experiences among people with intellectual disabilities, their relatives and disability professionals as well as policy-makers at European level. Read an article about the conference here.

World Congress 2010 in Berlin

Celebrating the largest event in the history of Inclusion International, 2.700 people with intellectual disabilities, family members, policy makers and professionals from more than 80 countries gathered under the slogan “Transforming Global Rights into Action” at the 15th World Congress of Inclusion International from 16-19 June 2010 in Berlin. The main objective was to discuss and advance the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities…