About the conference

Europe in Action is an annual conference about and for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
Since 2001 it brings together more than 200 people with intellectual disabilities, their family members and professionals. At Europe in Action, they find common ground for discussions, sharing of information and experience, and also a place to form shared values and positions.

It is co-organized by Inclusion Europe and a national partner, member of Inclusion Europe. You can see past Europe in Action conferences here.

Inclusion Europe is the European Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families.

As a European association we work in the many different areas which our members have identified as important to them:

  • We provide for the exchange of knowledge across Europe
    “Through Inclusion Europe I learn what my colleagues do in other countries.”
  • We support our members.
    “Inclusion Europe helps our organisation to become stronger.”
  • We influence European policies.
    “Inclusion Europe shapes European social policy according to our needs.”

Learn about Inclusion Europe here.
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