Speakers Europe in Action 2019

Everyone can live by the river.

The topics are as important as the emotions during the event.

We want the conference to be positive, hopeful and inclusive.

Keynote speakers

There will be key speakers to make presentations for all participants.

Topic leaders

Most of the programme will be organised around topics, lead by “topic leaders.”

These sessions will be rather informal and made to encourage participation.

The idea is to build through-out the conference a sort of “Užupis constitution for independent life”. Each session, workshop to come up with one or two final articles for theconstitution.

One of the sessions will take place in Viltis day centre in Uźupis.

Would you like to lead a discussion about these topics?

Do you have or know about a good idea, activity or project others would benefit from?

Tell us about them in this short form.