Hear our Voices 2017 - Registration Form

Here you can register for Inclusion Europe's Hear our voices conference for self-advocates.

It will happen from 5-7 December in Brussels in Belgium.

More information

You must fill in fields with an * .

Participant information
Please do not register more than one person at the same time.

If you want to register more than one participant,
you must fill in this form for every participant, one by one.

Please put the dialling code of your country
and the phone number.

You do not need to put the "0"
which is normally at the beginning of the phone number.

For example, the dialling code for Belgium is 0032.

The phone number for a Belgian person
is normally something like 0-494-1234567.

But with the dialling code, it becomes 0032-494-1234567.

Please give us your mobile number
if you have a mobile phone.

We want to be able to call you if something urgent comes up.

Identity Card or Passport number

We need this information to make sure
that you can get inside the European Parliament.

You need to have your ID card or passport with you
on the day we go to the European Parliament.

So you need to bring it to the conference.

Other information

Personal data


You need to pay yourself for the conference dinner.

Registration fees

After you have filled in this form,
you will receive a confirmation.

In this confirmation, you will see how much you need to pay.

You need to pay within 10 days.

When we have received the money,
then you will be registered.

Mailing list

We want to let you know something:

If you want to participate in the conference,
then you take all the risks.

We cannot pay you any money
if something happens to you.


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